Download Integrator

Thank you for submitting your details. Please follow the steps below in order to try out Integrator.

Step 1: Download ISO installer

Click here to download the ISO installer.

Step 2:  Configure Server

Create a virtual machine or set-up physical hardware [we recommend 8GB of RAM (minimum of 4GB) and 500GB HDD (minimum of 200GB)]

Once downloaded, Install the ISO onto the server you have set-up and follow the quick start wizard.

Questions you will be asked to complete set-up:

  • Partner details (name, address etc.)
  • The fully qualified domain for the Integrator server
  • Define what MIS data fields your software service requires, e.g. Student First Name, Student Last Name, Student Gender
  • For each field an explanation of why this is required and whether this is required or optional


Should you have any difficulties with the install, please contact us and we will be happy to help.