Frequently Asked Questions

How can I try out EduLink Integrator?

We provide developers with free access to this system. Simply create a virtual machine or set-up physical hardware (we recommend 4GB of RAM and 500GB HDD) and download the ISO installer by clicking here.

We will provide access to demonstration data so that you don’t need to sign up a school to develop and test your system for Integrator. 

What type of data link is provided?

EduLink Integrator provides a live direct data connection between the partner and the school for better performance and reliability. Plus, this significantly reduces the scope for connection faults and makes them easier to diagnose and fix. Connecting to a group of schools is now a breeze!

Do you provide diagnostic tools to assist in fault finding?

Our web interface provides a range of diagnostic tools to simultaneously monitor all your live connections to schools, at a group and individual level. Plus the EduLink Integrator agent includes monitoring tools to assist schools to diagnose and fix local issues, reducing the burden on your technical support team.

How do I set-up my school customers to use EduLink Integrator?

For school installations:

  1. The partner provides the school with a download link to the Installer and a unique registration code generated by the Integrator Server.
  2. The school downloads and runs the Installer which asks the user to enter the registration code supplied by the partner. Once the agent is installed the Installer configures the Agent to connect to the partner’s Integrator server.

If the Agent is being run for the first time, it will request configuration settings to talk to the school’s MIS system. Once a connection to the MIS has been established, the Agent will attempt to connect from the school to the partner’s Integrator server. If there is a problem establishing the connection, it will output informative errors messages to help the school diagnose and fix the problem.

Once the connection has been established, the Integrator server links the incoming connection to the correct school in its database using the registration code entered earlier.

The school will be asked to confirm access to the data requested by the partner. Once the school has granted access, the partner’s Integrator server will download a copy of this data into its local cache where it is made available via the API.

The Agent and Integrator server will work to maintain an active connection, so that updates to the data can be downloaded from the MIS as required.

Is the Integrator Server secure?

We have gone to great lengths to ensure the security of the Integrator Server. The server implements its’ own strict firewalling policy, on top of a minimal linux implementation with a read-only root filesystem. System administration access is via a secure VPN connection with public key authenticated logins and an audit trail of all access. The school, web interface and API network connections to the server are all communicated over SSL using TLS 1.2 where possible, or TLS 1.0 if not and have received an A rating from SSL Labs. Finally, the API is authenticated using an SSL client certificate.