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Thinking of or currently sharing student data from your MIS?

Take control of your MIS data!

We fully appreciate your school’s requirement to ensure any MIS data you share with third party organisations such as your local authority or publisher:

  • Is transmitted safely and securely
  • Is regularly updated accurately and can be purged anytime
  • You know exactly where it is stored
  • You understand what each piece of information that is requested  is used for

Ultimately you need to control the access and sharing of data from your MIS 24/7, right down to which type of information is shared. Why give access to everything, when not all this sensitive data is needed?

Be data compliant happy

EduLink Integrator is designed to meet your school’s legal requirements to protect your student’s data,  ensuring compliance with Data Protection and providing an audit trail with the third party you are sharing MIS data with. This provides you with total piece of mind that your data is being managed with care and due diligence.

Six  key questions to ask before sharing MIS data?

If you  are thinking of sharing your school MIS  data with a 3rd party, we recommend you ask these 6 questions:

  • Do I have full control over which student data  is shared?
  • How do I know how  you will use each piece of information you have requested?
  • How can I check anytime where the data will be stored?
  • Can I refresh the data from my MIS anytime?
  • Can I purge the data 24/7?
  • Do you have tools to help diagnose technical issues?

If they already use EduLink Integrator to facilitate this, the answer will be yes to all 6 questions. If not, the 3rd party should be using our service, which is free to schools.

If you are interested in using our service, please complete this form.