Technical Info

To work with EduLink Integrator our partners are provided with:

  • Simple, MIS agnostic API for developers to access data once extracted
  • Sandbox testing environment with test data
  • Web interface (with API) with full status reporting, analysis and diagnostics for all schools

Our automated systems continually monitor and check the extractions for each of your schools, ensuring you receive the required data with minimal errors and on schedule.

Plus the online dashboard provides real-time status reports

Core components

EduLink Integrator Server

The EduLink Integrator Server runs on hardware within the partner’s infrastructure and is fully managed by Overnet Data. The service can run within a VM environment.

The server:

  • Accepts connections from the schools to receive their MIS data
  • Provides an API for the partner’s developers to access the school data
  • Provides a web interface for the partner’s support team to manage the extraction of school’s data
  • This web interface also allows access to the developer API for testing purposes

EduLink Agent

The Agent runs as a program on each school’s network. It connects to the school’s MIS and to every partner that the school is providing data to. The Agent provides the school with status information about the connection to the school’s MIS as well as detailed status information about every partner’s connection. Therefore in the event of a fault, the partner can easily diagnose and correct the fault themselves.

It also allows the school to see what data they are providing to every partner, and a detailed explanation of what the partner is using the extracted data for. Schools can refresh the remote cache and purge all remotely held data on demand.

EduLink Installer

Every partner is provided with their own Installer. When they sign up a new school, they ask the school to download and run their Installer. When run it first checks to see if the Agent is installed, and if not downloads and installs it. Once the Agent is successfully installed, it configures a connection to the partner’s Integrator Server from the Agent and takes the school through the installation and setup process.